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CTPP Office

architecture(建築設計) / Japan

Designing of the office after the end of the above exhibition. In order to work within the very limited budget of 250$ per square meter, I used rotating advertising panels and recycled fluorescent lights, along with the exhibition furniture. I designed, supervised and manage the construction as a general contractor at the same time I did more than 90% work of purchase, delivery, processing, fabrication and installation by myself.


The design process was not based on prepared master plan, but it was simultaneously developed along the construction process. I set up a computer to set up CAD to do a practical design at the site and prepared drawings for the shop at the same time.  As soon as the shop has decided, I stayed and work there . The design and construction was complete almost the same in two months. For example we first finished part of existing interior where we thought unnecssary (it is sort of a reverse of a conventional process) then subsequently decided on what parts of existing finishes, walls, ceiling and floor we would save or take apart.


We intended to create a close relationship between the interior and the background of the site. I believe that this process is similar to how various vernacular architecture of the world have been developed over time. I feel that such architecture has been created with as positive intention based on reality, unlike architecture designed by 'god's hans' of an architecture where existing conditionals have been completely erased pr taken apart. As a result the completed building offers freedom and convenience foe users and allows for enough room or latitude for possible changes and by the time the client moved in the space have already become a part of himself.



設計は、用意されたマスタープランに基づくのではなく、施工のプロセスに沿って同時進行で進められた。パソコンにCADを立ち上げ、現場で実践的な設計を行い、同時にショップ用の図面を作成した。 そしてショップが決まり次第、私はそこに残って仕事をした。設計と施工は2ヶ月でほぼ同じように完了した。例えば、既存の内装のうち、不要と思われる部分をまず仕上げ(従来の逆工程のようなもの)、その後、既存の仕上げ、壁、天井、床のどの部分を残すか、あるいは解体するかを決めた。




Cornelius fantastic world tour

Lighting Design , Stage Design(照明デザイン、舞台設計)

The design requests front the client, a musician of a band called CORNELIUS was exactly what I had imagined in listening to his CDs.

The music was his re-edition of various sounds of classical, rock, Disney, techno etc. based on his vision of the world. He wanted a stage set as a background among the inter-reaction of various sounds.

I designed a frame to emphasize the perspective view, but the members of the frames were bulky, obstructing the fake perspective effect. And I designed a 'lighting cabinet' located in the back center of the stage, arranged bright strobe lights and soft orange bulbs next to ash other, and put a laser beam in the center. The intention was according to his words, "blind them, flash, flash and make them relax and melt, them BOOM" And it lights up audience, not the musician himself, and his figure can be seen as a shadow. In his words this effects was a 'carrot-and-stick policy'.

For each show the stage set had to be assembled in three hors. My decision to use balloon frames was effective, as they can be inflated in four minutes and deflated in two minutes. This gigantic balloons folded and can be stored in a box of 1.5meter cube.

Anyway, it was repeated 10 times during the show.



私は遠近感を強調するフレームをデザインしたが、フレームの部材がかさばり、フェイクの遠近効果を妨げてしまった。また、舞台中央奥に「照明キャビネット」をデザインし、明るいストロボライトと柔らかいオレンジ色の電球を隣り合わせに並べ、中央にレーザー光線を置いた。彼の言葉を借りれば、"目をくらませ、閃光を放ち、リラックスさせ、溶かし、ブーン "というもので、ミュージシャン本人ではなく観客を照らし、彼の姿が影として見える。彼の言葉を借りれば、この効果は「人参と棒の政策」だった。




Studio CUTiE (for young girls)

Festival Design / Japan

The public audition for models & the exhibition for the magazine
The exhibition, the audition and photo sessions had to be done at the same space and 300 visitors were expected to attend various events at the same tim, and when it was expected to be an attractive exhibition space when there was no events.I provided three spaces in the site; a stage/photo studio in the center of the sire, a corridor and a salon, and treated both sides as in section of a building. I provided enough rooms in between so that people can stand there to attend various events. The backdrop sheets at the back of the stage was operated by which and made the stage open in three directions for auditions. In addition, I provided horizontal windws at eye level on both sides of corridor so people can look around, and used a half-mirrored-door-wall above the counter at the salon. By these design operations i was able to minimize the separate area for each purpose and successfully created a multi-purpose space. All the original exhibition-furniture is leased and repeatedly used in other exhibition.



Avex fashion remix

Exhibition Design / Japan

Exhibition for wholesale clothing dealers

Avex is one of the most successful record companies in Japan, and they started a new fashion trend. This was  the first promotional show for wholesale clothing dealers.

I designed a furniture made of a loop of steel the for exhibition of seasonal products and new products, which can also be used as a meeting table. I inserted fluorescent lights and the switch inside the tube. All the lights randomly flashes every 30 minutes, and their show started with projected video images and music. It was a temporary installation for three days.




PARCO grand bazaar 3D-tools'97 summer

Exhibition Design / Japan

Products System for Decorations of Department Stores

Design and development of a display system for summer sale at more than 20 branches of a major department store in Japan.The client felt that the conventional display system using 'flat' or two-dimensional advertising boards did not appeal to people anymore and wanted a new design which can be completed at the same cost. So I designed three of doubled-layers 'balloon' objects with the same exterior dimensions, and created a variety of display system by making different combinations of the objects.



A Garden

architecture(建築設計) / Endo House / Japan